White House Farm Aerial View
      1 -- Farmhouse             
      2 -- Old Barn                     
      3 -- Springhouse
      4 -- New Barn
Changes in Ownership
1928 to Present

1928:  JW Hunsicker to
       Luther & Lelia

1940:  Naylors to
       Katie Gracey

1944:  Gracey to
       Joseph & Annie

1950:  A. Macdonald to
        Ed & Elizabeth

1984:  John & Alice
        (Blake) Van Tol
        to Claude &
        Delores Archer

1998:  Delores Archer
       to today's
                    WHITE HOUSE FARM HISTORY (1863-Present)

On June 20, 1863 the state of
West Virginia  was created from
the western lands of Virgnia, insuring that the Eastern Panhandle
counties of Jefferson (where the farm is located), Berkeley, Morgan,
and others would gradually lose their connections to the Old Dominion.

Between 1863 and 1930 the property changed hands four times and
the exterior appearance was altered dramatically. The photograph below
taken for t
he Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in the 1937
shows a Victorian-style front porch with a center stairway and the two
gables depicted inTaylor's 1863 sketch.  Additional gables were added
at a later date and the attic was converted into more liveable space.
In about 1950 a new kitchen and back porch were added,  and in 1995,
an additional bathroom and large den were added to the east side of
the house.

Between 2000 and 2003, the kitchen was remodeled, the adjoining utility room
was converted to a breakfast room, the three fireboxes were rebuilt and
dampers were added to two of the chimneys, three bathrooms were remodeled,
an exercise room was converted to a large master bedroom suite, the front
porch was renovated, culinary and  medicinal herb gardens surrounded by a
picket fence were established,  a  formal Williamsburg-style garden was created
behind the house, two antique-brick pathways were constructed to improve
access to the back and front entrances, the rock break to the west of the house
was cleared and populated with bulbs, and a post and rail fence was built along
the back and west side of the area adjacent to the house.  During that period
the exterior and roof of the house was also repainted.
The Farmhouse shown in about 1937
(photo from the Historic American
Buildings Survey
Changes in Ownership

For a detailed chronology of
, click here

1886:  George Baylor
to Ruthven & Lillie Morrow
(see photos below)
1886-1905:  research

1905:  Farm sold to
         J.W. Hunsicker

1913:  143 acres split
        into 3 parcels:
*  60+ acres & house
*  35 acres across road
           (to Sagle)
 *  46 acres on north
         (to Snyde
The farm in about 1952, when it was  being used as a dairy barn by Colonel and Ms. Edward Blake.
Ruthvan W. & Lillie W. Morrow
Photos Courtesy of Dale Morrow
Tin-type ca 1900 found in
2001 behind dining room
mantle.  Probably members
of the Morrow Family.